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Jackie Williamson said...

What this project shows is a disgrace, and an affront to the civilised world. Not just the corrupt politicians in Howard's government, but those in power now, who KNOW about this, and run from it. And the foul Australian media, who spew propaganda and lies, whilst blanking Expendable from public sight. Disgusting.

I want to see the International Criminal Court in The Hague making prosecutions, and the UN involved. I want to see justice forced upon these rogue states, and freedom for the tortured soul they are crushing to death.

Thank you to everyone involved in this initiative, for shining the light of truth upon evil. The world HAS to act to extinguish it, before they finally kill her.

Angie said...

Thank you for all your hard work in bringing this together! The facts, the truth, and the disgraceful behaviour of The Australian Government and media have been an utter disgrace, this innocent young woman has suffered 7 years of hell. I hope this brings down the corrupt evil greedy people who have let this happen!

Anonymous said...

The documentary is absolutely incredible. It exposes what I always suspected. How can they live with themselves?

Anonymous said...

It's a shame that most people ( sheep ) believe that their Governments do the right thing, if you do your own reseach you will find that Governments of the World don't and never have.
Wake up people all Governments around the World are heavliy corrupt It's all to do with their agenda for the One World Government.
The Australian Government will be happy when Miss Corby dies and they can wash their hands of the situation or so they think.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends!
To free Shapel it is essential that her family members learn what is Cestique vie TRUST and trickery game of the gov. around it.To learn why she is in jail and how to go out of it smoothly open:Dean Clifford trust, Max Igan in Conversation with Dean Clifford - 1/4 - YouTube and finally go on Frank o Collins talk shoe, and listen first 10 phone calls and then from48-64 and go on his will learn all about how system is entrapping us to be slaves and how to become free souvereigns and henral executors of our CAPITOL NAME (SHAPEL CORBY) TRUST. REGARD tatjana

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much longer the toxic Australian media can hold out.
They have had the emails between Keelty and Ellison for months now showing that they were aware about her bag being tampered with.
This is the smoking gun that proves she is innocent and yet not a word.
Everyday that goes by is another nail in their coffin. How are they going to explain that they hid this news from the Australian public. We have the emails sent to nearly every media outlet in Australia.
I personally have sent emails to the Today Show, Sunrise, 60 Minutes, Channel Nine, Channel 7, Channel 10, 60 Minutes NZ and most Australian papers.
Expendable have proof that most media outlets log in for hours, they have no excuses.

Anonymous said...

I sent your video to someone in Canberra who I would think of as a proponent of human rights.
He told me it was 'dated' and that the present labour government were working to get her home.
It would seem that the government propaganda machine is alive, well and working

Anonymous said...

Yes, indeed. The present labour government has been working SO hard for... how many years is it now? And what have they done about the criminals in Canberra? Or the smear media liars? Or about the human rights abuses she has suffered on their watch? Or..... GRRR. The lot of them make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Pretty Scary what a Government will do to protect a ugly mark, or to furthur a political agenda, either way this case cover's both, & should WAKE UP anybody who is under the Illusion that YOU live in a FREE Country!!! This can, & IS happening in any FREE Country where POWER & VANITY collide. & even though here in America I actually heard about this case in the US media, a whole hour on it, I had no idea of the Political Implication's, only the "Pot" & "Airpotort Security issue's", this is just so Horrible for her, & her family, & a Shame to the Government of the Land Down Under... Prayer's for your Work

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