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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" ~ Edmund Burke.

If you have any information on any individual or entity involved in the sacrifice or exploitation of Schapelle Corby, please send it via email, or through the box below.

This can be done anonymously, and will be considered to be strictly confidential. We will never reveal the source of any information received.

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Please help to blow the whistle on the criminal, the corrupt and the complicit.


Hidden World Films said...

Will the poster who used the code name 'Mr Wandi' please contact us again, with a working email address? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As one of the vast silent majority, I too believed Schapelle was guilty. I am sure the naive majority still do. No one wants to believe that our 'protectors' are not what they promise. I am only open minded now as I have been rudely woken from my secure little box through a personal experience. I 'whistle blew' on the abuse of our most vulnerable in our society (Australian society). Only to find no one wanted to know, and like the Catholic Church prefers to hide it and hopefully it will stop and go away. Now I know how corrupt the Government, its Ministers, the Law, the Police, the courts and the so called independent ombudsmen (and women)are. I agree with your report, a political decision is made to keep a crime or multiple crimes hidden and unpunished and the media is shamefully supportive of that decision and although provided with the evidence only help in keeping the injustices from the public leaving them unaware and unprotected.
My life has been made hell by reporting multiple abuses by a clinical psychologist. Now it is proven in court that my allegations five years ago were always true and have even appeared in the paper, but still the State Tribunal has slapped a suppression order to stop the whole truth from coming out. In so doing the abuses will only continue and no safeguards will be put in place to stop it happening again. The Complaints committee lied (and I have the proof)and wrote supportive letters to influence another court, the Government refused to act and all the ombudsmen replied "out of my jurisdiction." I feel for Schapelle, her case is so much worse, but when a real criminal is protected to hide the truth about the failings of a system, how much easier is it to leave an innocent person to suffer, especially overseas. My case only supports how the system that is supposed to protect the innocent Australians fails them so badly. Please pass on my apologies to Schapelle for believing the cruel deception of the Government and the media and I pray for her.

Anonymous said...

What is amnesty international doing about this? We contacted them regarding a case similar to this in that it involves cover up of Australian government and AFP corruption.
Got no reply.
Surely this is the type of area they should be active about

GateKeeper4 said...

Good question. It is largely the same situation with Schapelle in that they dodge and weave, and pretend that this isn't a political case, when it clearly is.

One aspect worth looking at is that a number of the politicians involved in the Howard regime were members of Amnesty Australia for significant periods, no doubt valued members, given their political position. It isn't hard to draw conslusions from that, given that Amnesty Australia have never shown the slightest inclination to help Schapelle.

Anonymous said...

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"Shapelle Leigh Corby,Expendable".

Hidden World Films said...

Yes, we take the security of our sources extremely seriously. The contact box is intended for first contact, or short disclosures. Sources will never be revealed or exposed. Given a means of contact, we will accept any security protocol or method desired, including proxy and encryption. We use TrueCrypt as default where possible, but will adapt as necessary to protect the source.

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