Send A Message To Schapelle Corby

We are acutely aware that the victim of the disturbing events exposed by The Expendable Project is Schapelle Corby. We are equally aware of her grave condition and terrible circumstances.

Her serious health issues, described in the main section of this website, also create significant challenges with respect to communication. Such is the gravity of these that direct correspondence is almost impossible.

Mail and parcels can be sent via a post box:

Schapelle Corby
Care Of / Wayan Widyartha
Poste Restante
Main Post Office Kuta
Kuta - Bali
Indonesia 80361

In most circumstances such correspondence will be read to Schapelle by a member of her family.

Another route is to post a public message to Schapelle on this website. Messages posted in the comment box below will be posted on this site, and periodically, they will be forwarded directly to a member of her family, who will read them to her.

We hope that these will lift her spirits and help to sustain her during her unimaginable ordeal.

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