Ideas To Help Schapelle Corby

There are many things you can do to help Schapelle Corby. The following is a starter list of ideas of some which you might consider:

1. Write to the Australian Embassy in your country to request Australian Government intervention and support for Schapelle: don't let them forget her and don't let them hide. If you are in Australia write letters to your Member of Parliament.

2. Join a Facebook or similar supporters group. For example, the new People For Schapelle Group, and discuss with others how to help.

3. Perhaps buy Schapelle's book and pass it on to others, so that they can read about Schapelle's never ending nightmare in her own words.

4. Write and tell the media... but please be careful. Whilst most journalists are honourable, some, particularly in Australia, are unscrupulous and dishonest, and will not hesitate to distort or print the most blatant of lies This does distort public opinion and damages Schapelle and her family. In using the media to inform, please be careful.

5. Tell your friends, colleagues, and family about this tragedy. Direct them to this site and others, so that they can inform themselves. It is extremely important that more people learn the truth about Schapelle's case.

6. On the internet: write a blog, or comment on a blog; write on forums; put a link to this or other Schapelle sites in your sig on forums/blogs/whatever; use MySpace, FaceBook, Bebo; interact by whatever means you can find.

7. Perhaps make a donation

8. Sign petitions, such as the one HERE

9. If you have any particular skills, use them: paint a picture, write poetry, write songs. Use your skills to touch the hearts and minds of others, and inform them of this shocking situation.

10. Download the material documents, films, and other material from, and distribute as widely as possible.

11. Don't give up and don't walk away, however long it takes.

Please add your ideas to this list, or discuss your own experiences in campaigning for Schapelle.

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